Acrylic painting of Blue Angel, blue momochromatic

Andy Brownell

Deco Angel
relief of an angel.

Medium: Non-sulferated clay final build up for bronze casting
Description: Another angel relief, in a slightly different style.

This is the initial stack. Iím trying something new. Iíll do the ground on a different easel then add this one on top. Weíll see what happens.

relief of an angel.

This is the original sketch.
relief of an angel.

01-28-06, Oooops, not sure what happened here. All I know is I was repositioning the head, and then about 3 hours later this is what turned out. I guess maybe I should pay more attention to what Iím feeling when I ďtapĒ. Oh well, I must admit Iím a bit torn. Although this is rather a dark piece, I must say I like the moon concept in it. In fact thatís the effect I need in Scarecrow and a Joan of Arc piece Iím working on. I donít know if this will ever make it to bronze, but I think Iíll at least have TomTom pull a mold and run a plaster on it.