Acrylic painting of Blue Angel, blue momochromatic

Andy Brownell

Ecstasy Details
Detail shots of Ecstasy

relief in progress 01-23-06 Okay, here we go again. :) This will be a much lager relief than the last ones. The work board is 18x24 and the piece will expand to most of that area. Boy do I feel sorry for TomTom when this one is ready to cast, heehee. This is the initial stack and it took about an hour and a half for me to do.
scupture in progress This is approximately 15-20 minutes later. I've worked on the face starting to make it more feminine and started to "block in" the hair. The trick of this piece is going to be making the hair look fiery.

scupture in progress 01-25-06, Okay I softened the face some more, blocked in the hair, added the eye, moved the ear and started to play with the fire effect. I think I have something that will work. Unfortunately the detail pics are a bit blurry, oh well...I'll try to get some better ones. :)
scupture in progress
scupture in progress

scupture in progress 01-28-06, alright I must admit I'm getting carried away with the hair, but since that is the cool part of the piece I guess its okay. In any case I had to laminate 6" inch extensions to the top and bottom of the ground. So now the overall size of the piece is 24"x30" and weighs about 30lbs so far. I'm anticipating at least two more 5lbs blocks of clay to finish so it will be a quite a bit larger and heavier than previous pieces.

scupture in progress 02-07-06, I'm working on the piece as a whole trying to get the feeling captured, so there have been many changes to the eye, jaw, lips and hair.
scupture in progress I always love these detail shots because they give me a perspective that I can't normally take while working on the piece. In this case it's interesting to see how the camera "sees" the hair. I can see the beginnings of fiery feeling I want to the hair starting to catch which is exciting in itself.
scupture in progress Here's a shot to give an idea of the depth.

scupture in progress 02-22-06, working more on the hair, changed the eye a bit (I like it better now) and modified the ear. I must say I like the way the hair is turning out. I need to resolve how to "end" the hair below the neck, but I have an, I'll run with it and see where it takes me.
scupture in progress scupture in progress

scupture in progress 03-14-06, Give me a head of hair...long fiery hair...(sung to the tune of "Hair"), anyways I'm working on the hair and the feeling of fire. I like the way its turning out, so with any luck I can finish it soon.