Acrylic painting of Blue Angel, blue momochromatic

Andy Brownell


painting in progress 07-08-06, Signed!!
Below is the progression of “Scarecrow”. It tracks the process, progression, and my comments, thoughts and feelings on the piece through its evolution and progression to completion. The sighed entry appears twice; once at the beginning, to show the piece finished and once again at the end to allow viewers to see the entire sequence of events.
Acrylic painting of Scarecrow left after the harvest, is it left useless? Size: 18"x 24"

Medium: Acrylic paints on masonite
Description: Acrylic painting of Scarecrow left after the harvest, is it left useless? Yep, this one is going for that dark Holloween effect. This poor piece has yet again been reworked, perhaps one of these days I'll get what I had originally envisioned for it.
painting in progress Well here's the original idea, maybe someday I can fix the painting.
painting in progress Got a chance to work on the painting a little more. I'm going to let this one run it's course and do a second painting closer to the original sketch.
painting in progress Okay, I'm working on the background and going around the entire piece and bringing it back into shape. I also started to define the "face" a little more.
painting in progress Alright, I've worked on the background torso and head. I really like the direction this painting is heading. Hopefully it will be completed in the next two weeks.
painting in progress 03-17-06, I recently decided to start work on this piece again.
painting in progress 03-19-06, I've be working on refining the feel of the piece. It seems to be going in the right direction and I like the way the colors are turning out. They seem to be getting a richer look.
painting in progress 03-29-06, Still refining the piece, worked on his right foot arm, background and areas around the cross.
painting in progress 05-09-06, I had the oddest inspiration the other day as to how the foreground should look. I blocked it in and like the movement. Next I'll work on the color and "details" of this area. I'm hoping for a completion date soon. :)
painting in progress 05-10-06, I got to work some more on the foreground the other night and I really like the feel of it now. I just need to adjust colors for mood and emphasis
painting in progress 06-09-06, more fine tuning at this point adjusting colors working on the overall feel of the piece. I need to decide how to handle a few areas in order to get the feel of the piece across.
painting in progress 06-20-06, I added blues and purples to the middle ground to liven the area up. The challenge in doing this is to keep the chroma of the area low so it looks like it's still in the distance, yet provide some color so it doesn't look drab.
painting in progress 06-28-06, Oh boy, what didn't I work on. I've really been working on color and details. The details on this piece are extremely difficult due to the texture of the wood.
painting in progress 07-02-06, okay nasty out of focus picture, sorry about that. I've continued working on all aspects of the piece.
painting in progress 07-04-06, Finished working out some highlights and and gerenal three dimensional stuff. I'm pretty happy with where things are at, just a few tweeks.....
painting in progress 07-07-06, getting there this is a prefinish shot. ;)
painting in progress 07-08-06, Signed!!