Acrylic painting of Blue Angel, blue momochromatic

Andy Brownell


Acrylic paints on watercolor paper. Size: 26" x 36" Sketch

conti crayon sketch for series of paintings

09-12-06: I got an image and had to knock it out. I'll be working on this concept next. I'm thinking about a series of 5, each will have a different pose and color scheme. These five originals will be the only originals I will offer for sale.

I would ultimately like to offer this style on a commission basis. That is if someone wants a commissioned piece I'll use this style in conjunction with photos provided by the buyer to produce an origin piece for them base off the person's photos they include.

These works are not stretched and are unfinished on the edges so over time they will tatter adding to the originality and excitement of the piece. They will be displayed using rods as hangers allowing the "tapestry" effect.
Acrylic paints on watercolor paper.

Acrylic paints on watercolor paper.

Acrylic paints on watercolor paper.